Friday, May 9, 2014

Book Review: Pure Will by Kristi Pelton

Hot Damn! This book was just GREAT! It is like a romance/comedy/action/drama category lol! Will Denton will steal your heart right away. He is like the playboy that you don't want to fall for but really you never had a chance of not falling for him. This is a must read! FYI-He steals hearts AND melts panties off-like butter! He is one feisty man and you will love every second of it. Oh! His parents-can they be any sweeter! 5 Stars!!! or pull ups lol

OK, Camden and Kate are best friends. Kate gets all the guys and Cam is the bookworm. Will is just a freak of nature-hot, smart, sexy... Working on his masters, and being an elite crossfitter, he is quite the ladies man. That all changes once he notices Cam. Cam has had a dark past and is very guarded. Will she allow him to save her? Will she break him from his Pretty Woman routine of physical pleasure without intimacy?


I attempted to pick out some of my favorite quotes but that would be the whole book! Her writing is great!!!

  • "Clearly I had not charmed this girl even in the slightest. Finally, a challenge! Boom...I was going to fuck this girl."
  • "Wow, Will. You just made three whole complete sentences. Is that a record?"
  • HAM-yes like the Jay Z & Kanye song or as will said HAMF 
  • "Do you ever wonder what life would have been like if you'd gotten enough oxygen at birth?"
  • "It wouldn't matter to me if Megan Fox wanted my schlong at this point."
  • A proud smile spread over my face. Her dad needed to know who I was and that he could be relieved of duty...

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