Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review: When the Sun Goes Down by Erin Noelle

Jazzy is seriously behind on her reviews!! Erin Noelle has quickly, I mean super quickly, become one of my favorite authors. Literally, she took over my life one weekend and then I had to stalk her on Facebook. I thought it was only fair since she had me SOBBING for an entire weekend! Love this woman! OK, back to When the Sun Goes Down.

I love Erin for her Book Boyfriend Series. When the Sun Goes Down is equally as good. It is just different. YES, where there is Erin Noelle there will be book boyfriends, no doubt. There is a whole cast of characters, Kat, Leo, Trina, and Lucca to name a few. Each so different yet intertwined in some way. If you like spicy reads, romance, intricate plots to take down evil, love, sacrifice and some sadness then this book is for you. I am #TeamLucca. However, Erin always makes it so hard to choose just one guy. She is turning all her readers into slore's or slamp's or something because lately I'm just saying #TeamSandwich. 

#1clickthatbadboy and thank me later  
 5 Stars

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