Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Review: Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle

OHH EMMM GEEE!!! I have had about 3 hours of sleep. I stayed up all night reading this book. I haven't done that in a while. I literally could not put it down! My friend gifted me this book because she thought I would love it and boy was she right!

Scarlett has led an extremely sheltered life. Her parents were so controlling that she has not had many normal teenage experiences. She is going off to college with her super awesome bff and is about to embark on a self exploration journey. What she doesn't realize it will be much more than she ever expected. Life, love, happiness, loss, desire...she is about to discover a whole new world. 

Let me say that if you are a reader and a lover of book boyfriends you will absolutely LOVE this book. In our minds when we read we are the leading ladies. We fall in love with all these fictional men and we have all the emotions, stress and love that we read about. We have book hangovers where a book has touched you and you can't move on from it. We share this love with our friends who understand. THIS IS WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT!!! How freaking cool is that! I mean I love it for this aspect hands down. Evie, the BFF reminds me of one of my friends! I couldn't help but think of her while reading. You know what that means? Of course I had to gift her the book at 6:45 am lol!

But wait.... there's more...

Notice how I'm ranting and haven't even mentioned the guys yet! Oh, there is the frat boy, the GQ pretty boy and the rocker boy! Pretty much from the beginning, I was Team Ash. Call me a sucker! But let me tell you...that Mason!! Oh he is giving Ash a run for his money! I'm 55 percent Team Ash and 45 percent Team Mason. Oh book boyfriend problems!

5 stars for me for sure!

Here is the reading order. I went ahead and #1clicked the last book thinking it was the 2nd and read the prologue and OH MY BLEEDING HEART LOL! 


I haven't made teasers yet. I need to focus on finishing the next 3 books like yesterday!

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  1. I just love reading your blog and reviews - no matter what the genre - you make me want to drop everything and read it ;)