Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My All Time Favorites!

I think it is about time for me to make a list of my all time favorite books. These characters ALL made my book boyfriend list. I have either reread them already or am willing to reread them again. I mean I love them so much I have some sort of memorabilia, either a bracelet or pendant or something-I KNOW, how dorky. :)   I would recommend these hands down without any reservations.Well, some may come with a bit of a warning... I thought I'd organize this list in order of me reading them but I'm not sure if I can remember the order exactly. 

1. The Twilight Saga: This is the series that started it all for me. Yes, it is YA. Yes, the movies are debatable as well as the actors chosen to play the characters. However, I fell in love with these books way before the movies came out. I just had to "compartmentalize" one from the other. I reread these books numerous times, maybe 5-6? New Moon was my least favorite (because Edward was gone!!).

2. The Dark Hunter Series: This series was recommended to me by a good friend for a LONG time before I actually read it. When I did, WOW, I fell in instant love with all of the Dark Hunters. This series mixes Dark Hunters, Were Hunters, and Dream Hunters. There are about 23 books in this series! I have read 19. I really hate waiting a long time for the next books to come out. Unfortunately, sometimes an author that writes a lot of books kind of becomes predictable. I don't want to feel like I'm guessing everything that is going to happen and like I have discovered their formula. I guess I kind of lost interest towards the end. However, a very good series and I have a very special place in my heart for Acheron and Talon. I reread only Acheron, (not the sad parts) 3 times.

3. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series: This goes without saying. Even though there is romance this is a bad-ass series. There are 12 books in this series. I love all of the brothers. If I had to pick a favorite, ugh, I think it would be Wrath, John Matthew, Blay and Qhuinn... oh and poor Phury, no one likes him.  I cant choose just one! I reread this series twice and listened to the first 4 books on audio for a few times too!

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: What else can I say about this that hasn't already been said? I loved Christian before the world became obsessed with this "mommy porn."  Before the craze I already loved Christian. We have our moments, it's a love/dislike relationship now. However, we did see E.L. James in the flesh and she signed all 3 books for me! I reread this series 5 times... Dont judge me hehehe. I normally don't pick celebrity actors for my favorite characters, I've only done it once... But my Christian is definitely Channing Tatum. I mean once I read his name could possible be associated with this series, it just got stuck in me head! :)

5. The Experiment In Terror Series: This is totally out of order. This is my current favorite. Again, there is not much I can say about this series that I haven't already said. I mean, I wrote 7 blog posts about this! And I did not even review each book individually! I reread this series twice, reread the last book 3 times and I probably will reread it again. I'm kind of on a Dex & Perry binge right now. The first time you read a book (or at least when I read a book) I might go super fast because I need to see what happens. The second and third time I can savor all the details. There are 9 books so far... a few more coming out soon. Definitely an all time favorite! A warning for this series is that the first book, Dark House, can take you a little while to get into. STICK WITH IT! (yes, I used shouty capitals like Mr. Grey) You will be glad you did! I tried reading this book once and did not give it a chance. It sat...in the cloud...forever. Then I gave it a second chance and pushed through the first few chapters and BAM! Now it has become my fav!

6. The Hunger Games Trilogy:  Like the series above, it was hard for me to get through the first book. It too, sat in the cloud for a lonnnnngggg time. I saw the movie first and then was intrigued to read the books. That rarely happens for me. I like it the other way around. But, holy crow! These books are amazing! I laughed and cried. The hangover I felt after finishing this series was serious! I didn't read another book for months! Yes, it is YA. I havent reread it yet but will be in September to prepare myself for the next movie. Stick with this one too and you'll be glad you did!

7. The Existence Trilogy: Oh, Dank. I love you! This was an unexpected read for me and it was wonderful! It is YA. I pretty much love anything by Abbi Glines. She is a great author who writes really memorable stories and characters without making you feel like she is using a formula. I read this series 2 or 3 times. I too suffered a Dank hangover. I feel like this series may not get as much publicity as some of her other works, probably because it is YA, but I think it is just a great read.

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