Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

This book was about Alexa and Nick. She wants to find Mr. Right, get married and have her happily ever after. Nick is not the marrying kind. In order to get his inheritance his grandfather included the stipulation that he must be married. They are childhood friends who have not been in touch for a while. His sister, Maggie and Alexa are best friends though. When Maggie finds Alexa in the middle of a spell to marry a man to be her ever after and pay off her parents house she has a brilliant idea. She tells Nick that she has found a woman for her to marry. They get married. They have these rules. It is just a business transaction. Of course they end up falling in love. This is a light, easy read. I read this in 2.5 hours. It is a nice book to read if you don't know what to read next or if you are still having a book hangover and don't want that feeling to go away. I'm currently in my Dex and Perry hangover and might reread my favorite 3 books again for a 3rd time. Nick does not make my book boyfriend list. He is good but just doesn't do it for me. FYI: I actually read this book in a regular paperback book format! I have been reading ebooks since I received my kindle 2 years ago! I think this is the first real book I have read in almost 2 years.

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