Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Experiment in Terror

Yes, I'm still writing about this. I just finished rereading all of the books. I just cant get enough of Perry and Dex. If you haven't checked out my other Experiment in Terror posts, click here. You may not want to read this if you haven't read them yet. Instead of reviewing the series (I've already done that) I'm going to share who I would chose as the characters. I normally do not find celebrities who can live up to the images of the characters in my head or heart. Even as much as I love Channing Tatum, I would have never seen him as my Christian Grey, but hey, when the thought got put out there it started to make perfect sense... BUT! I think I have found celebrities for these guys. On EIT website, there are photos of a supposed Dex and Perry, but they don't do it for me, sorry. Before I post the photos and my thoughts I just have to say I love this series. I love how real Dex and Perry are. They have normal people problems. They love each other and they have issues. I feel like how many great love stories we experience, either in real life or through books, where there is always heartbreak and reunion?!? I wish there wasn't heartbreak but sometimes I think you don't fully realize what you are feeling or how strong it is until you experience some heart break. I'm sure there are many times when people don't need to feel that, I just wonder if it is as intense as those who know what it feels like to be without that other person. AND, even when Dex is trying to win Perry back, it is realistic. It is not over the top Christian Grey, where he is so overprotective and buying the whole world for her. Dex is more REAL. OK, enough of the heavy stuff. I just really love reading this series. 

SOOOOOO....... Here is my Dex. I was torn between these 2 handsome guys: either Chris Pine (on the left) ( I know he has blue eyes and Dex has brown) and James Marsden. (on the right)

My Perry would be Emma Stone, just because she is qwerky (is that even the correct way to spell that!!) 

Now, even though I do not like Maximus, AT ALL!! I could not help but think of David Morrisey, especially his role in The Reaping with Hilary Swank. The southern accent in that movie and the "good, southern gentleman" role he plays in that movie reminds me of Maximus to a T (wow, how old is that saying anyway lol) Yes, Maximus should be younger, hotter and have red hair, but what can I say, his speech just reminds me of this guy too much. 

OK, after considering that Maximus is supposed to be hot lets try Ewan McGregor. Although he has reddish hair he is not built like a rugged cowboy (my own mental image not necessarily Karina's exact words) nor does he have a southern accent (I think he is from Scotland, like Gerard Butler)... To me Ewan is "handsomer" more handsome than David. 

OK, that is all for now. Again, I will say, if you have not read this series, please do us all a favor and read it. You will be pleasantly surprised! And I will be a very happy woman to have someone else to share my Dex crush with.  :) 

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  1. Hey James Maraden is mu all time boyfriend. I might need to read those books then :)