Sunday, March 24, 2013

Forsaken by Keary Taylor

I guess I lied guys. I thought I would not be rushing to read book 2 and 3 of this series but I am. I kept thinking about the characters for days after finishing the first book, Branded. OK, so I just finished book 2, which was awesome. I downloaded book 3, Vindicated, and am going to start reading it in just a few minutes.  What is this series about? In short, it is about fallen angels-BUT unlike the other fallen angel books that we have read where it is predictable- this series keeps you interested and there is an interesting perspective on the true nature of angels... Angels always seem like the good guys don't they....hmmmm... maybe they can be evil, more evil than you can think. How can I like both the good and bad guy??? How can they both make the book boyfriend list? Yeah, I know. I normally go for the good guy. Alex and Cole both win me over. AND, Jessica is brooding in this book about Alex not proposing to her...Sound familiar? Makes me realize I must have sounded like a nag all these years he he he. OK, have to get back to reading now.

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