Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crossfit Opens 13.2

It is that time of year where Crossfitter's all over the world are competing for the fittest on Earth title. I joined crossfit last March so I never really took part of the WOD's for the opens. Everything was super scaled at that point for me. Today I did 13.2 which is: 
5 shoulder to overhead 75 lbs (I did 45 lbs)
10 deadlifts
15 box jumps (I used the 12' box)

No, I am not competing in the opens. I am not quite ready for that. Maybe next year. However, it was still pretty cool to be doing the same workout of the day (WOD) as hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. While I can do 75 lbs overhead for a few reps I needed to scale it back. Seeing as this WOD is as many rounds as possible with the 75 lbs I would probably make it through 3 rounds if that. So, how did I do? I made it through 6 and a half rounds, 195 reps. I surprised even myself! :)  Now, if we compare my results to the the fittest woman in the world (2012) Annie Thorisdottir, well, let's say she did a hell of a lot more reps than I did. She got to 361. Showoff! :) OK, back to my regularly scheduled program of reading!