Monday, July 15, 2013

This Girl by Colleen Hoover

I recently read This Girl by Colleen Hoover. I do not know why I waited sooooo long to read this! I LOVE all of her other books, like EVERY SINGLE ONE! Her books are different. They have romance, they have friendship, they have heartache, they have the most memorable characters. I don't think there is one book that she has written that hasn't made me shed a tear. I mean, yes, I'm emotional, BUT, she really gets to you. LOL After I finished this book I could not even write about it. I just sat quietly until my eyes were done releasing that wretched salt water. Then I went on FB and wrote one Colleen Hoover's wall. Guess what?! She responded! That is what I love most about reading and discovering new authors! They actually care what you think! How awesome is that! Of course Will was already on the Book Boyfriend List. However, this book secured his spot there for ALL ETERNITY! hehehhe. Yes, I'm a bit exaggerated. :)

You are an awesome writer! I just finished reading This Girl, normally I'd run and blog about it. But I'm just letting it sink in and letting the tears run their course. Love Will and Lake! :)
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  1. That is awesome!! I haven't finish reading it but I am loving every part of it!!