Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dark Creations by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci

I read this book a few weeks ago. A really cool thing is that it is written by a husband and wife duo. It is a YA sci fi/romance story. Melissa is a pretty normal teen. She keeps to herself since there are some not so nice kids at her school. Then enters Gabriel. He is the picture of perfection. Handsome, smart, strong, kind, caring...However, he was created not to have feelings. He was created to be the perfect specimen of a human being. He is not supposed to have the capacity to love or care or develop any sort of emotions. What happens when his maker finds out about this flaw? Like every mad scientist he goes to the extreme. Everyone must be killed. Overall, this is a really good read. This particular book I read had book 1& 2 together. I'm not sure how many books are in this series. I will not be reading the rest any time soon. I have too many other books that I have to read first. Gabriel makes the book boyfriend list. Is there ever a Gabriel that doesn't?

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