Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bad blogger reporting for duty

Hi guys, I'm still here. I have just been in a reading funk. Does that ever happen to you? Any recommendations on what will get me out of it? I haven't read a book in almost a month! That is unheard of.  I was reading a book or two a day. Not a good thing to be in a book slump when you are a book blogger! In other news, Mockingjay comes out next week! For some of my beloved books turned into movies I like to be inspired by the characters. Wear something similar, inspired hair or makeup or something. I know, maybe I'm getting to old for that... NOT! LOL I'm planning to watch all the Hunger Game movies in a marathon the theater is doing. Last year Cover Girl had a big campaign with Hunger Game inspired make up looks. I had a ton of posts on that last year.  This year I plan to wear a Catniss rebellion inspired outfit. Dark colors, boots, braided hair, an attempt at flawless skin, a matte gray smokey eye and nude lip and crochet scarf. I'll share a picture when I put this together. Any of you guys going to see the movie with any Hunger Game inspired things going on? I plan to see this movie at least twice so let's see how creative I can get. :)

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