Tuesday, September 10, 2013

True Blood Seasons 2 & 3/ Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead

Hey there! I'm still on my True Blood kick. I have been having True Blood book and show marathons lately. I have finished the 2nd and 3rd book in the series and am almost done rewatching the 3rd season. While there are some changes that vary from book to show I would say the show is about 80% accurate. Actually, the changes make the show better I think. Instead of comparing the season and the book-it is becoming a Sookie entwined mess in my head, I'm just going to share some of the highlights.
  • Let's talk about Maryanne: how the heck does she always have fresh fruit out on the counter and not have any fruit flies??? 
  • Bill telling the store clerk: "I am vampire." (you have to reread those words with a vampire accent- So hilarious!)
  • Eric saying, "Good Evening, Old Sport!!!!!"  You know how much I love Gatsby. 
  • In the books, Sookie is the one always getting beat up and injured.
  • Did anyone else forget Franklin the vampire who wants to make Tara his vampire bride? He is effin hilarious! The funniest character ever!
 Alright, I'm off to finish season 3!

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  1. My favorite is season 2, that maenad arc is the best so far!

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