Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pep talk to myself

Early this year I set some pretty lofty goals for myself. One of those goals was to run the 3 main levels of Spartan races. Of course it wasn't enough to say "complete one spartan race" lol. I have to be extra. Not only that, you get a special medal for doing the 3 levels in one year. So what did I do? I went online and found races, marked my calendar, watched YouTube videos on the obstacles and of course kept on training.  I was fairly confident I could do these with no problem. I know I'm not where I need to be with pull-ups and monkey bars which is where my self doubt come to play. If you cant complete an obstacle you are penalized with 30 burpees for each obstacle. Naturally I started doing hella burpees. Fast forward to today. The whole reason for even writing this post. Today is the first race on my original "plan." I'm not there obviously, I'm at work. Instead of feeling disappointed that I didn't sign up I still feel motivated. I will get there. Just not today. I started to ask myself, "do I want to do the races and end up doing 200 burpees?" Hell no. I will get my upper body game up. I will have a chance at completing all the obstacles. I don't want to go in setting myself up for complete failure. Today's race is a stadium race and I'm sure I can get through that one with a reasonable amount of burpees. It just didn't work for my schedule. But guess what? That's OK. I will do another stadium sprint this year. I'm thinking November in Boston. Until then I will keep on training and running races and maybe even try a non stadium spartan race. This years life lesson seems to be to respect where you currently are. Be present. Stop rushing to the future and wanting to be where you're not. "Only you know whats advanced for you." I will get those pull-ups, I will get the monkey bars, and I will earn the trifecta. Maybe this year or maybe next year. Either way I don't want to limit myself based on the lofty goals I set for myself. Why set myself up for failure?

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